Power Up People! Youth programs

How to Conquer the Grown-up years


An interactive and facilitated presentation-style program aimed at the  teenage audience to create self-awareness, build self-confidence, and  raise self-esteem. Students gain perspectives that prepare developing  minds for the reality of adult life, the importance of finding their  purpose while reinforcing the power of a positive attitude.  Learning to  effectively adapt to change and improve decision making skills so that  they make healthy choices. They will never have to say in their adult  life, "If I only knew then what I know now".

Free 2 B U Youth Empowerment


This is a digital youth leadership development program that inspires,  entertains and empowers our youth to become role models. F2BU Programs  help our future generation of leaders understand the impact of their  existence, how their actions can make a difference and that they truly  do matter.

The Empowered Parent


This program provides parents with tools to raise the next generation of  leaders. Today's children are highly evolved and the old parenting  paradigms are shifting.  This program offers a fresh perspective of  providing proper parental guidance through empowerment, praise and  personal accountability.

Advanced Sports Technology


   A Leadership Program for Coaches and their teams.  For over 20 years,  using the 7 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness, AST has worked  successfully with sports teams and athletes to achieve unprecedented,  record breaking results.

We help athletes break  through challenges and achieve the impossible, both on and off the field  of play by using a blended training process, including both live and  online workshops, which provide the foundation for ongoing learning  opportunities provided in our monthly subscription program.