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dedicated to destiny book by angel carlton

A Pursuit of Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose

Angel's second book titled, Dedicated to Destiny, A Pursuit of Personal Growth, Prosperity. & Purpose explores a process in how to navigate the 6 stages of transformation and live your destined life. 

Studies show that change is doubling each year and how we adapt to change will have a direct impact on our lives and the world. As the world transforms, so do we. The time is now for us all to live the happiest, healthiest and truest version of ourselves. In Dedicated to Destiny, leadership coach, Angel Carlton provides strategies of self-discovery in six stages. These provide the “how-to” for seekers of a more fulfilling life to get where they want to be. The six stages of transformation are Realize, Release, Rebound, Reinvent, Resurrect and Respond. Awareness of these stages allows readers to understand where they have been, where they are now, and where they are heading. The six stages provide a fresh outlook on life while helping clear the clutter that prevents many people from achieving greatness. Visit the Dedicate to Destiny website here.



I’ve  always been the type of guy who is open to new ideas and experiences.  I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t read as much as used to, but when I  started reading this incredible book I literally couldn’t stop! The  eloquence and honesty of her writing constantly kept me intrigued and  inspired. It’s very rare to find something that makes you think and feel  about your own life and humanity. This book made me want to be a better  man...a better friend...a better person. I will always cherish this  book, and can’t wait to read it again and again and again!!! 

~Todd Blamire